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Once Upon A Meeting

    I shared this story with our new ward, as an introduction. I’m planning on making it into a picture book, and adding new volumes as I think of new things to write about. Maybe branch stories about Grandparents, Uncles and Aunts, and Cousins… let me know if you have any ideas. 😀 (I’m also happy to write them for you, if you’re interested.) Here it is! —————————————————————————————————————————————— Once upon a time in sunny California, there lived a young prince named Tim . He was intelligent and handsome, and he loved to dance- especially to swing dance. He went to every ball in the kingdom. One night he met a young girl named Erin . She had a twinkle in her eye that he liked very much, so he asked her to dance. Little did he know he would be dancing with her for the rest of his life, because for Erin it was love at first sight. From that moment on she would compare every prince she danced with to him. They continued to dance together often, and when the young prince left on a two year quest to Mexico, a land far in the south, Erin missed him terribly. She wrote to him so that he would not forget her while he was away. Shortly before his two years were done, Erin received a letter from Queen Adair. Her son was to return early, having sustained an injury in the fight for good. Upon his triumphant return the young prince, having become wise through the course of his quest, decided to seek out the girl who had been so faithful a friend. Tim discovered Erin walking along a path by the river, where he confessed his undying love and devotion. As they walked Erin explained that she had fallen in love with him that night long ago, and remained true even in his absence. The prince courted Erin, who had moved to the wine country with her family, and their courtship continued as they traveled to attend the Royal Academy, BYU, in the valley of Utah. The prince studied Bioinformatics; an impressive major no-one really understands, learning about genomics and computers. Meanwhile Erin, an artist and an avid reader, studied the Arts and spent many hours consuming the books in the Royal Library. One sunny spring day, Tim asked Erin to be his Queen, pledging to make her feel like royalty for eternity. On a rainy summer day soon after, Erin dressed in a lovely handmade gown and the prince took her to a beautiful castle in Oakland, California where they were sealed together forever. For a time Tim and Erin lived with very little money, but they were rich in love and in friends. Then Tim completed his training at the Royal Academy and was given a position working at a grand building in downtown square. He works every day to make it easier for people around the world to find their long lost ancestors. Erin continued to read and she painted many masterpieces. She also loved to cook, and Tim loved to eat- so he was very pleased with this arrangement. Time passed and after a few years they had saved the means to buy their own cottage. They moved to a lovely little town on a hill, to a cottage surrounded by beautiful trees and flowers. They live there with their two cats, who love to peer out the many windows. And someday soon, Tim and Erin dream of adopting their own little prince or princess. The people in the town on the hill are very kind and friendly, and make them feel welcome. To this day Erin and Tim are quite content in their new cottage, and whenever they dance together they remember how it all began.
Once Upon A Meeting


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