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Moaning Caverns

    I had the most fun time with the Perry family in California, visiting the Moaning Caverns. Well, the fun part for me was the rest of it- I'm claustrophobic and the deep dark makes me panicky. So I kind of hated the caves, personally. And then Marilyn made fun of me for not liking it (seriously, she seems so nice!) but walking around the giant redwoods was... magical. I felt like I was in a fantasy book. The smell was... clean and sweet. The sound was just layered quietness, and the sun filtered down through so many leaves that it was emerald colored by the time it hit us. It was amazing and I already want to go back. Here are the steps down into the caves. {{{shudder}}} Look, Marilyn and Roger actually like each other, ew. They're so adorable. And there are Ryan and Ryan, who were climbing all over everything. EVERYTHING. Sarah and I painted Ryan's nails hot pink while he overslept. The guy will sleep through a marching band performance, I swear. Heh. Roger is the chillest dude ever. Here he is, emitting so much chill that he calmed the beasts. All the bro-mance bonding was sweet. Isn't it cute how he thinks he's so gangster? Lol. I mean, he's technically from Sacramento, but if he walked around like that where I grew up... There's my back, woohoo. Actually, hey, my hair looks kinda pretty. Sigh, so greeeeen.... My Matticakes. I miss you already. (And yes, Tim knows I claim him. He's totally ok with it, because Matt claims me back, but it's so very platonic you don't even know. If we ever had littles they would be shared fur-babies, or plants, or rainbow plushies, or something.) One of the reasons he encouraged this trip was for my sanity, I think. I've been a bit depressed and aimless, and he thinks that getting out and doing some things on my own will be good for both of us. I can't help but agree, so I'm going to focus more on developing solo (not depending on Tim ) habits and hobbies. (So that I'm not just "waiting" for a kid, I'm still a person with purpose on my own merit, blah blah. Make sense?)
Moaning Caverns


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