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w/husband & tiny dog Violet & an alarming obsession w/ books she is often has hands stained w/paint or ink. https://linktr.ee/erineverafter

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Sundays are for Migraines

I have (one of) the world’s nastiest migraines today! Tim gave me a neck rub and brought me caffeine and water before he left for church- he’s so sweet.

So I’m sitting as still as possible on the couch in a nice darkened room, but I can’t sleep. Thus a blog post is born. 🙂

Friday started with a Decibelles rehearsal at my new friend Debi’s house. We went through the Christmas program (yes, already- we need that much time to practice in the percussion section) to figure out what percussion we wanted to add where. I get to play the bongos, and I’m so excited that they liked the ideas my mom and I came up with!

Then I went to lunch with some of my best friends- mom and dad and the Seniors! (And the Senior/Hills!) We went to Virg’s, and I had an amazing French Dip, while I sat across from THE BIGGEST BURGER I’VE EVER SEEN. Dennis ate almost all of it.

I managed to finish my French Dip with some help from mom, and was so full that I never had dinner! Tim took me to see Harry Potter in 3-D (pure awesomeness). It gave me such a headache to try to focus my eyes for THAT long.

When we got home we took pity on the puppy and took her for a late night romp in the dog park, where she raced around in circles with her Daddy (Tim).

All in all, a very nice day!

Saturday we got a new vacuum. Words cannot express how excited we were. No, seriously! We’ve never owned a brand new one before, thanks to our parents’ hand-me-downs, but our last one died a shamefully long time ago.

So we brought it home and introduced Penny to it, and went to town. We cleaned the living room, decided we’d pick up the area rug to vacuum under it, and ended up rearranging all of the furniture as a result.

Now it looks awesome, just in time for me to have to crash on the couch all morning. (Being optimistic, here )

So have a happy Sunday, all! Be glad if it doesn’t hurt your head to look out the window. 🙂