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Erin Adair

w/husband & tiny dog Violet & an alarming obsession w/ books she is often has hands stained w/paint or ink. https://linktr.ee/erineverafter

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Pocky with Girls

The girls totally love Pocky. I shouldn't be surprised.

They also totally are in love with Asian City, a store where we buy Pocky. It's full of toys, clothes, sparkly things and stickers. Come to think of it, I kind of love it too... it's distracting and hard to concentrate in.

There are even kitchen aisles. Whole aisles of spoons.



Hair thingies/bows/scrunchies/clippy things.

It's fun. I love it, and it's right next to my hair school, so I spend extra hours there all the time killing twenty minutes. And twenty bucks.

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