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Erin Adair

w/husband & tiny dog Violet & an alarming obsession w/ books she is often has hands stained w/paint or ink. https://linktr.ee/erineverafter

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Four t'ings

Four the sake of it...

Another one of those silly copy paste-y things. Silly but fun. FOUR THINGS you may not have known about me... Four jobs I have had in my life: 1. Insurance Company Clerk 2. Envelope Stuffer for Capitol Welcoming 3. Flower Delivery 4. Bakery... person

Four movies I would watch over and over 1. Pride and Predjudice 2. The Secret Garden 3. Fruits Basket 4. Dirty Dancing Four places I have lived: 1. Sacramento, CA 2. Sonoma, CA 3. Provo, UT 4. South Jordan, UT Four TV Shows that I watch: 1. Extreme Makover Home Edition 2. Stargate SG-1 3. Bones 4. 24 Four Places I have been: 1. Idaho Falls, ID 2. Monterey, CA 3. Ensenada, Mexico 4. Pima, AZ Four People who e-mail me regularly): 1. Tim A 2. Andrew J 3. Cara J 4. Elder L Four of my favorite foods: 1. Pizza, pizza, pizza. I could eat it daily. 2. Indian food- ie: Naan, Saag Paneer, Chicken Curry.... mmm... 3. Cafe Rio 4. Anything Italian. Pasta is the best thing ever. Four places I would rather be right now: 1. California, with Cara... on the beach. 2. On a cruise 3. Parking with Tim 4. Hanging out with Jeff and Sarah 4. Four friends I think will respond: 1. Andrew? 2. Sarah 3. Stephanie 4. Cara, maybe.... Four things I am looking forward to next year 1. I get to paint more, to re-fill the walls. 2. Going back to school 3. Knowing what the heck we're going to be doing in the fall 4. Getting to know Tim better

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