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Erin Adair

w/husband & tiny dog Violet & an alarming obsession w/ books she is often has hands stained w/paint or ink. https://linktr.ee/erineverafter

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Endo Treatment

My brave mom is helping me start a new endometriosis treatment today that's injected in the hip. (Butt.)

It's called Lupron-Depot, and the GYN doctor tells me that it should help put my hormones on hold so that the endometrial lesions shrink and, theoretically, die. At least for a while.

The bad side effects are not inconsequential. It will be like a sort of chemically induced menopause, for a year or so. But even if it helps for just a little while, I'll consider it worth it. It's getting worse every month, to the point that I'm no longer functional. And the doctor won't consider any other treatments that are more "serious" until I try this, which he says has worked so well for so many. So wish Tim luck, and I'm sorry in advance.