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Erin Adair

w/husband & tiny dog Violet & an alarming obsession w/ books she is often has hands stained w/paint or ink. https://linktr.ee/erineverafter

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About PTSD

So... this is some of what PTSD is like for me. It's not talked about much, but if you have any questions you're welcome to ask. It's hard to relate to people when we never talk about things, right?

I have nightmares, flashes, panic attacks, insomnia, chills, hot flashes, and wildly random paranoia that my husband hates me.

It's crazy to experience, and started when I started having nonstop and inescapable pain from Endometriosis in my teens. It's only gotten worse and more constant since then, which is what makes it hard to cope at times.

The important thing for me is mindfulness. Yoga, as typical as it sounds, and meditation, are the things that help the most.

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